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We communicate on a daily basis with all sides of the Pharmaceutical Medical Industry, and we use this communication to visualize & prepare for industry shortage and other problems that may arise and affect our customers everyday needs.

Our strategy is finding what our customers need and providing them with what they want to pay. Through our industry connections and

multi-sourced suppliers, we deliver all of the supply sensitive and everyday products our customers need. 

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Welcome to Prestige Medical

We ensure that our company will always remain focused on what matters most - PEOPLE. This dedication to humankind has led to the distribution of high quality, safe, and most effective products. Prestige has an unwavering commitment to the distribution of safer more effective products. We take pride in our dedication to service, innovative achievements, and adherence to the highest standards of honesty and professional ethics.

Our purpose is helping our customers get results through unprecedented customer service. We aim to allocate all of our customers' requests in a timely & cost effective manner that suits all of their needs. We are dedicated in making our customers' lives healthier and easier.  

Prestige Medical,LLC is a subsidiary of Low Cost Rx, LLC. 7940 N. Lilley RD Suite A-110 Canton, MI 48187 Phone: (313) 444-7773 Fax: 888.726.0494 

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Our Purpose